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About Us

Critical Thinkers. Independent Learners.

Maple Leaf International School offers an authentic, private Ontario education experience, which is ranked among the top education systems in the world. We embrace a student-centred approach, creating an immersive learning environment that follows the internationally recognised Ontario Education Curriculum. This is complemented by a broad range of electives, sports and arts programmes. At Maple Leaf, we shape self-directed learners and critical thinkers. Our students are global citizens who understand their role in effecting positive change in the world around them.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the premier elementary and secondary school in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our Mission

Maple Leaf International School develops self-directed learners who demonstrate excellence and integrity in becoming leaders and well-balanced contributors to the global community.

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The Foundation of the Maple Leaf Program

The Ontario System of education believes that its moral purpose is to ensure that all children are educated to high levels of intellectual, practical and social competence, it does not matter where you are coming from, but rather, where you are going.  Realizing this vision, it is Maple Leaf’s goal to help develop the intellectual, emotional and physical potential of our students so that they can become the best contributing citizens they can be.


  • Every student at Maple Leaf should be able to read, write, do math and comprehend at a high level. This is the necessary foundation for later educational and social choices.
  • Every student should have exposure to music and the arts
  • Every student should be safe and feel safe at school.
  • Every student should reach the highest level of achievement that his or her ability and willingness to work will permit.
  • Every student should have a favourable educational experience at Maple Leaf International School.
  • Every student should know how to think for him or herself, appreciate the rights and obligations of good citizenship and learn about character values.
  • Parents are participants in the school’s learning mission and vision.

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