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Admissions Policy

Maple Leaf International School admits students of any nationality who have the ability to successfully complete the Ontario Curriculum.  Our programme has been designed to meet the needs of students who fall within a normal range of abilities. Maple Leaf cannot admit students who have learning or behavioural difficulties or challenges beyond the scope of existing services or programming. Previous school records and any assessments must be provided to the School prior to consideration for entry.

Assessment For Admission

The assessment process begins with a meeting with one of our school administrators, Principal or Vice-Principal, the parents/guardians and child. 

Maple Leaf International School is dedicated to student success. We take into consideration the individual needs of each student who has varying strengths and weaknesses and as such, new students are required to complete an entrance assessment. Due to variations in teaching styles and grading standards, grades alone are not sufficient. The assessment involves reading, writing, and mathematics which allows us to determine skill levels.

The child is assessed:

  • To evaluate the student’s academic skill level and potential for success with the Ontario Curriculum
  • To evaluate the student’s likelihood of successful integration both socially and behaviourally in the programme
  • To assist parents and students in their adjustment to Maple Leaf International School

Admissions and Procedures

  1. Parents are required to meet with School officials to discuss their child’s education.
  2. Parents must complete the Registration Form and return to the School office with the required documents – Fee: $200.00 non-refundable.
  3. An appointment for Assessment will be scheduled.  Local Student Fee – TT$600.00; Foreign Student Fee – TT$1000.00.  Registration and Assessment Fees are due prior to the Assessment.
  4. When the Assessment is completed, a written acceptance and placement recommendation will be made.
  5. Confirmation of Acceptance and this recommendation is required by payment of the Capital Fund and/or First Term’s Tuition.
  6. All fees are due prior to entrance.
  7. Grade 9 – 12 students receive their schedules from the Guidance Department.

Age Requirements

Students applying for the Junior Kindergarten programme must be four (4) years of age by December 31, of their entry year.  Students over the age of 20 will not be accepted.  Most students are placed in age appropriate grade levels where possible.