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Tuition & Fees

Capital Fund

The Capital Fund is for the purpose of acquiring depreciable assets and making capital improvements, such as renovations/construction of buildings, acquiring real estate assets and/or paying off a mortgage debt. It is a one time payment per family and is non-refundable.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees cover:

  • Overheads/operating costs
  • Educational materials
  • The use of textbooks
  • Apps for e-learning
  • e-textbooks
  • Some extra-curricular activities

Fees exclude certain required items:

  • Laptop computer
  • Computer software
  • Uniforms for school and PE
  • Transportation to and from school
  • Lunch
  • Personal school supplies

Annual Tuition Fees

These downloadable guides provide details on our Registration and Assessment Fees, Capital Fund, and Tuition Fees.

For information on the fee payment schedule, please contact the Finance Manager.

Returning Students

Each year in June, you will be required to complete and sign an Annual Enrollment Agreement and provide a 10% payment in order to hold the student’s placement for the coming year.