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Secondary School (Grades 9 – 12)

A Place To Excel

Maple Leaf offers more. More opportunities to gain independence. More chances to learn how to support yourself and others. To find – and to be yourself.

No matter what path you take, be prepared to realize your passions. Maybe you find that you’re zealous about protecting the environment, helping underprivileged youth or creating sculptures. You may discover that getting lost inside a character you’re playing in drama class, a poem you’re writing or in an after school basketball game – is one of the best ways to find out who you really are.

Connect With Your Mentors

At Maple Leaf, our teachers care about their students, they serve as trusted advisors, they help analyse every step and celebrate every success. The best part? Students interact with them in a variety of environments – classrooms, practices, games and house initiatives, which means they build relationships with teachers that are complex, even profound.

Express, Refine, Revise. Envision. Take Risks. Critique. Interpret.

In Maple Leaf’s innovative arts program, students are expected to take risks, make huge strides and surprise themselves. They can develop story-telling skills by improvising with fellow students. Undergo vocal and movement exercises to improve and refine their skills. Explore through song; create original compositions. Learn conventions of dramatic action. Create imaginary worlds. Gain technical mastery and develop independence in thought and action. And realize that there are so many ways to represent what is within them.