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Career Opportunities

Teachers choose to come to Maple Leaf International School for professional and personal growth, and to work in an environment which delivers the acclaimed Ontario Educational System.

Maple Leaf International School opened on September 4, 1994, offering co-educational, private, Canadian education in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The curriculum follows the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines and offers entrance courses for university and college. The school is inspected by a Supervisory Officer from Ontario to ensure compliance with the Ministry’s policies and procedures for overseas schools.

Education at Maple Leaf is child-centered and individualized with small classes and strong student-teacher interaction. Students are encouraged to take an active and responsible role in the learning process and participate actively in all aspects of their education. Graduates are accepted for tertiary education in Universities and Colleges worldwide.

Maple Leaf student population is composed of approximately 90% local residents, with the remainder of our students originating from Canada, U.S. and around the globe. This diversity in the cultural and ethnic backgrounds of our students is one of the attributes of the school, as well as Trinidad itself. Maple Leaf families value education and have opted to attend Maple Leaf International School as they understand and trust the quality of the Ontario Educational System.

About Maple Leaf International School

  • Approximately 310 students
  • Elementary and Secondary
  • From 7:30 AM to 2:00 PM
  • September 1st to June 30th
  • 3 weeks off at Christmas
  • 3 days off over Carnival
  • 2 weeks off at Easter
  • Several other religious and civic holidays
  • Modern Campus with AC

Maple Leaf is situated in Petit Valley, Diego Martin, a western suburb of Port of Spain. The school is located in a residential area with nearby shops, indoor malls, recreational facilities, marinas and parks.

As we are an inspected Ontario based school, 95% of our secondary teaching staff is required to be certified by Ontario College of Teachers.  Our elementary school also provides an Ontario educational experience for our students. As with the secondary division of our school, many of our elementary teachers are also certified through the Ontario College of Teachers.

Professional Development for all of our faculty members is a primary objective at the school. Training is continuous and ongoing so that the school can provide an authentic Ontario Learning experience in Trinidad.

In order to support our learning objectives, Maple Leaf has an array of committed support staff. The Principal, Vice Principal, Finance & Operations Manager and Guidance Counsellor comprise the administrative team. They are ably supported in realizing the school’s vision and mission by our educational assistants, office and support staff.