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Guidance & Student Support

Maple Leaf International School has a full-time Guidance and Student Success Counsellor who provides a range of exclusive career services to students and parents including:

  • Academic, Personal and Career Counselling
  • Annual Hosting of University/College Fair
  • Facilitate student use of myBlueprint Educational Planner which will:
    • Help students develop specific education plans and correct annual course selection choices based on various university/college entry requirements
    • Assist students with aptitude surveys: personality, learning styles, knowledge, interests,  motivation and compatibility testing
    • Assist students with their research and selection of universities that best meet students’ individual academic strengths, interests, and career goals
  • Guide students through the College/University Application process
    • Help students apply to their selected universities, ensuring that all the required documents are appropriately completed and submitted on time
    • Assist students with scholarship application
    • Upon student request, provide a Letter of Recommendation from the Principal
    • Advocate on behalf of students with admission officers, registrars, or faculty deans
    • Assist students in writing their personal statement letters for admission to university