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Marketing Class ‘Shark Tank’ Simulation

The culminating activity for Ms. Mummery’s Marketing class was to prepare a marketing plan for a product/service of their choice. This also included pitching the idea in a ‘Shark Tank’ simulation. Guests were invited to be ‘sharks’ alongside Ms. Mummery and some students. Some of the pitches presented included: a DDI watersports park; Ride-n-Dine, a moving restaurant that runs routes around tourist locations in Trinidad; and Trini Fly, an online grocery delivery service.

Our visiting Sharks included: Kristy-Ann Battersby, Swiss Brand Manager at VEMCO; John Hazell, Managing Director of Contemporary Building Systems; and Gerald Aboud, Managing Director of Starlite Pharmacy. Each shark shared their advice and then ultimately decided whether it was an idea they would be interested in investing in.

The presentations were quite creative and either ended with a handshake agreement with a ‘shark’ partner, or groups were told to go back to the drawing board.

Thanks to our visiting sharks who gave up their time and expertise!

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